Street Preacher Charged With Verbal Abuse Sees Unexpected Miracle

Only a week after Mike Overd and Michael Stockwell’s public order convictions were overturned at Bristol Crown Court, another preacher has been acquitted of a public order offense charge.

Supported by the Christian Legal Center, Andrew Frost was acquitted last week at Nottingham Magistrates’ Court.

Andrea Williams commented: "We give God all the glory for these results, which are fantastic victories for freedom of speech and the freedom to share the life-giving news of the gospel." 

The Christian Legal Center has a 100 percent success rate in defending street preachers.

Another Street Preacher Acquitted

Last week, Andrew Frost was acquitted of a public order offense charge, where he was accused of causing harassment, alarm and distress to two men in a homosexual relationship.

Andrew was preaching on the streets of Nottingham city center in March this year. Andrew preached on the consequences of sin, and quoted Luke 13:1-5 and Matthew 15:19.
As he preached, two men holding hands walked by.
Rory Green, a friend of Andrew who was preaching alongside him at the time, gave evidence that the two men shouted abusive comments at Andrew.
Andrew continued to preach from Scripture.
The two men left, but approximately 15 minutes later, a woman, who said she was the mother of one of the men, approached Andrew, and accused him of abusing her son and his partner. One of the men then returned and called the police.
The two men claimed that Andrew verbally abused them and directed several lewd comments at them, all of which Andrew denied.
But Andrew was charged under the Public Order Act 1986, "with intent to cause harassment, alarm or distress used threatening, abusive or insulting words or behavior."
Supported by the Christian Legal Center, Andrew was found not guilty at Nottingham Magistrates’ Court last week. The court also ordered the repayment of his legal fees.
Andrew was represented in court by Christian Legal Center allied solicitor, Michael Phillips.

‘Jesus Can Set Them Free’

Andrew said: "I wanted these men to know the truth, that Jesus can set them free. Because in the sight of God, these things are wrong."
"I am thankful that the judge saw sense and acquitted me of this charge," he continued. "Christians need to be free to share the good news of the gospel to anyone who will listen—as we are commanded in Scripture to do.
"I want to say thank you to the Christian Legal Center for supporting me throughout this process." {eoa}

from Charisma News


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