Cerebral palsy hasn’t stopped this guy from his dream job at a baseball stadium

Keith Geiser has always wanted to work in security, and now his dream is coming true!

Roger Dean Stadium in Jupiter, Florida just hired their newest security team member: Keith Geiser, a man with cerebral palsy who has always wanted to work in security. Work Opportunities Unlimited, a community organization devoted to helping people who are struggling to find employment, helped Keith land the gig, and Alex Inman, the stadium’s assistant general manager, says that “he’s a joy to have around. The staff loves him, the fans love him.”

Keith says, “Having a job makes me feel like a regular person doing my part. It makes me feel like I belong.”

Though the stadium has been lauded for their willingness to hire Keith, Inman was quick to correct them: “This isn’t a feel-good story. We want every one who comes to the stadium to have a positive experience and the safety and security of the fans, the players, and coaches is paramount. We feel that Keith is doing an important job and he’s a positive force.”

“Keith had to be able to do the job,” Inman said. “We interviewed him, took everything into consideration, focusing on what he could do, and we hired him.”

You can watch the full video below.





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