Cindy Jacobs Shares Prophetic Word: Satan Is Going to Try to Turn a Regional War Into a World War

Satan is ready to ignite these regional wars into the next world war, Cindy Jacobs shares with Jim Bakker.

"It’s very interesting," Jacobs says on The Jim Bakker Show. "Probably six, seven years ago now, one of our prophets on our apostolic council of prophetic elders, Rick Ridings of Jerusalem, came to us, and God had given him a prophecy that Satan was going to try to turn a regional war into a world war, the World War 3."

Jacobs continued: "And at any moment, this tinder box, you know we have a World War 3 in a way with ISIS, but at any moment, it could turn into World War 3 or the end of time."

So is this the apocalypse?

Watch the video to see what she has to say.


from Charisma News


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