Prophecy: The Election of Donald Trump Is Proof of the Power of Prayer

King of Glory Ministries International co-founder Kevin Basconi wrote Monday for Elijah List about a word he received from the Lord on Independence Day regarding America and the times we are now in.

"One thing is for sure: God loves everyone in the nation of America, no matter what denomination, political affiliation or ethnic background," he wrote. "God loves America and ALL of the people who make up this amazing and diverse nation. God loves you too (Jer. 31:3)!"

He said the Lord pointed him to Psalm 4 for the Fourth of July, which is recorded as a song written by King David. It goes like this:

Hear me when I call,
O God of my righteousness!
You have given me relief when I was in distress;
have mercy on me, and hear my prayer.

O people, how long will you turn my glory into shame?
How long will you love vanity and seek after lies? Selah

Know that the Lord set apart the faithful for Himself;
the Lord hears when I call to Him.

Tremble in awe, and do not sin.
Commune with your own heart on your bed,
and be still. Selah

Offer sacrifices of righteousness,
and trust in the Lord.

Offer sacrifices of righteousness,
and trust in the Lord.

You have placed gladness in my heart
that is better than when their corn and their new wine abound.

I will both lie down in peace and sleep;
for You, Lord,
make me dwell safely and securely (Ps. 4:1-8).

Basconi wrote that God is not only hearing the prayers of America’s faithful, but answering them, as well. He added that the Lord is raising up "a holy priesthood, a royal priesthood," in our nation that will be pivotal in bringing the Lord’s plans to pass.

"God is raising up an element, a remnant in America, who will live godly lives and holy lifestyles. These set-apart ones will learn to walk upon the highway of holiness," he wrote. "It’s a key moment in the history of the nation of America. Now is the time for us to cry out to God. Because the Lord is listening and He will answer our prayers when we call out and pray to Him for our nation with clean hands and pure hearts—no matter who you are, no matter what position you hold!"

Basconi that he has been following the instruction of the fourth verse—resting in the Lord and waiting for Him to speak to him—and in so doing, he has been able to meditate on current events in America. This is now a time for America, he added, saying God is moving our nation into a new season of "fruitfulness and prosperity."

"Don’t allow petty mindsets, petty things, petty people and fake news to pull you out of the presence and glory of the Lord," he wrote. "The Lord is transforming His people into overcomers. As we learn to wait upon Jesus to work in our lives and circumstances, He will release transformation into our lives and into our spheres of influence."

Basconi said now is the time for America to turn back to God and to put its trust, as a nation, back in Him. True prosperity, he said, is peace of mind, and by putting our trust in God, we will receive that peace, as well as the release of financial prosperity in our nation.

"Look for amazing testimonies of bumper crops and wine harvests," he wrote. "Expect to experience outbreaks of the spirit of joy in the people of God. Look for new wine to be poured out in a greater way than ever before. Look for revival to visit the church in the USA. Pray that we will have wisdom to steward the coming outpourings of the Lord in Christlike humility and nobility. Look for salvation to pour out upon young people like America experienced in the 1970’s during the Jesus Movement.

"Expect to see God raise up radical preachers endued with the power of the Holy Spirit who will spark a move of God across this nation. The Lord will begin the process of raising up young radical ministers similar to Lonnie Frisbee, who came out of Calvary Chapel in the early 1970s. His ministry impacted a whole generation for Jesus Christ and continues to bear fruit even today."

Basconi wrote America is entering a "shining time" in which God will make His face to shine upon our country as a blessing, releasing grace, favor and answered prayers. This will lead to a transformation that will overtake America.

In closing, he wrote that we should continue to pray for our nation, and for President Donald Trump:

"I want to encourage you to pray for our nation. I want to encourage you to pray for our president, Donald Trump. He will continue to be instrumental in making this spiritual shift possible in our nation. Prayer was instrumental in placing Donald Trump in office, and the prayers of the American people were answered.

"Many news media outlets incorrectly predicted the winner of our last presidential election. Most of the news media spun the news to report that the expected outcome of the presidential election was settled before American’s votes were even cast. And it was not going to be Donald Trump whom they predicted to win the election.

"Many people woke up the day after Election Day to a surprise. It does no matter which political party that you belong to, please know your source and your only real peace is found in the Lord. The election of President Donald J. Trump is a great example of the power of answered prayer in America at this hour! So continue to pray!"

Click here to read the entire article at the Elijah List website. {eoa}

from Charisma News


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