Venezuela is bracing itself for another week of rule by the Constituent Assembly

(Vatican Radio) Venezuela is bracing itself for another week of rule by the all powerful Constituent Assembly as the re-writing of the Constitution is now an Agenda priority.

Listen to James Blears report:

The South American trading bloc Mercosur, which has just indefinitely suspended Venezuela`s membership, is none the less,  criticizing US President Donald Trump`s hint of possible military action against the Administration of President Nicolas Maduro, arguing that dialogue is the is the only way to find a lasting solution.

Now that the Constituent Assembly, has snuffed out the power of the Opposition controlled Congress,  it`s  created an Economic Commission, taking on the daunting task of diversifying the oil driven economy, and more significantly creating a new law to regulate the price of basic commodities.

It also aims to re-write the 19 year old Constitution to set the official seal on power.

The other day while criticising the Media,  an irate President Maduro wondered aloud, whatever would his friend the Queen of England think about all of this?  Any view she might express would of course be subject to the scrutiny of the Constituent Assembly`s so called Truth Commission. 

from Vatican Radio English


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